Jake Broomfield

I translate the visual designs for your website into working web pages and integrate them into content management systems.


My interest in web design/IT started when I was at school, I was always interested in computers and I was also very into Art and Design. So naturally web design had always appealed to me. I followed this interest into college where I studied IT at Seevic in 2012. Following the completion of my college course I applied for an web design apprenticeship at a company called Safetech Ltd. This is where I really started learning the necessary skills to become a web developer. During my time there I learnt much about both HTML and CSS, both how to write the languages and also how they interact with each other.

Furthermore, my skills as a designer were put to the test and have vastly improved since I started there in the January of 2016. I have since designed and developed many websites for both Safetech and for some of my own clients, or just to experiment and push myself to broaden my skills.

Outside of the office, you’ll usually either find me firmly planted on the sofa, 50+ hours into whatever the latest gaming craze is. Or in the gym with my friend Paul trying to out do each other. I also enjoy going to gigs with friends, or just listening to or talking about new music.

Recent writings