James Taylor

I fulfil both a systems architect and senior developer role, from developing the foundations for projects and managing and maintaining servers.

What I Do

I work on the underlying code that runs your website or application, sometimes called the back-end, effectively building the systems that ensure it does the things you want it to quickly and reliably.

My time is split between writing code for new projects and enhancing existing ones and I enjoy the challenges each project brings and witnessing how our projects evolve into something that brings tangible benefits to our clients.

Over the years I've built up a vast amount of technical knowledge and experience and have seen web technologies come and go and enjoyed learning and mastering them along the way, some more than others.


I began my career in a combined Development / Systems Engineer role for two SME construction businesses in 2000. During this time I developed a number of key enterprise management systems as well as the IT infrastructure itself, providing a strong commercial advantage over competitors and keeping my clients continually at the forefront of technology.

Since 2003, I have developed multiple web projects at Enovate, all of which required the use of the latest web technologies plus applications for mobile devices and the use of n-tier architecture. My rigorous approach to quality and code efficiency makes my projects robust and scalable, to the great satisfaction of our clients.

Outside of work I'm a keen runner and avid supporter of the London Wasps rugby team. I'm also a very keen mountain biker and take great pride in cycling to work cross-country in weather conditions that would keep others firmly indoors!