Matt Banner

What I Do

As a backend developer I spend most of my time working with Seb, building apps and sites that are optimised and scalable. On a normal day I can be found using HTML, CSS, Twig, PHP, Laravel, Craft CMS, MySQL, JavaScript, Vue.js & Git.

I'm also no stranger to the Amazon Web Services console, where we ensure our code is supported by some of the best infrastructure available.


From a very young age, I was always interested in computing and networks, with my software development interests beginning at A Level whereby I studied IT and Computing. From here I moved on to study Business Information Systems at University, joining Enovate immediately after completing the course.

Within my spare time at University I built a handful of sites on a free-lance basis for a range of clients. A lot of what I knew prior to starting at Enovate was self taught; I enjoy now being part of an experienced team as it allows me to learn a lot faster.

Outside of work, I enjoy travelling as much as possible. Fitting in a holiday or city break whenever time allows.

Recent writings

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