Zack Rose

I build websites and applications that combine a beautiful front-end experience with solid back-end functionality.

What I do

I use PHP to work on Craft CMS and Laravel applications, which includes templating with Twig and Blade and object-oriented programming the functionality of a web application to meet customer requirements in the most efficient and powerful way possible.

I use JavaScript to build interactive and aesthetically pleasing front-end user experiences, which ranges from statically generated Gatsby sites with React to utility-focused markup with Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js to headless CMS front-ends with Next.js.


I have always been fascinated by technology and built my first fully functioning website at fourteen years old. I worked on projects throughout the years whilst pursuing my academic career, which culminated in a masters from the University of Cambridge.

I undertook formal training post-academia and enjoy developing websites even more now with the modern tools and frameworks that are now available.

I have travelled extensively and among other hobbies I enjoy exploring the great outdoors, tennis, golf and skiing.