The re-designed Van Vynck Bird Control website goes live

Van Vynck Environmental Services have been providing a wide range of environmental services for over 25 years from bird control to general pest control.

The company first appointed Enovate Design in 2005 and has since worked with us to ensure their website has kept pace with their expanding business and ever changing competitive landscape.

Notable appointments fulfilled by Van Vynck include the task of reducing the number of pigeons at London's Trafalgar Square for the Mayor of London where they reduced pigeon numbers from 5,000 to 150 using falconry. They have also been responsible for reducing feral pigeon activity at many other high profile sites in and around London including the Channel 4 headquarters, The Treasury Building, The Cabinet Office and even the Palace of Westminster itself.

The launch of the new website, designed and hosted by Enovate, coincides with a subtle re-branding and also a recent move into larger premises for the company.

The new website provides a brighter, fresher design than the previous version and includes some Flash embellishments along with a news section where Van Vynck staff can now add company and industry news on a regular basis.

Why not take a look? Van Vynck Bird Control.

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