DGT Services Stock System goes live

DGT Services are the approved wheelchair repairer for a number of NHS services in Essex and the surrounding areas.

After delivering a website for one of their subsidiary companies DGT approached us with a new brief to design and build an online stock system to manage the thousands of wheelchairs they hold on behalf of NHS services.

We worked with DGT, firstly with a scoping phase to determine the functional requirements and also to translate DGT's paper based business processes across to an approach that suited a web application and offered both an intuitive and faster process to those already familiar with the paper based equivalent.

Next, we began work on a prototype web application, so utilising HTML, CSS and JavaScript to deliver an application we could demonstrate to DGT early on in the project life cycle. This was then further refined as an iterative process with feedback from DGT.

Once the prototype was complete we began work on the server-side programming so utilising ASP.Net and C# with a MS SQL Server database to build out the full web application.

Upon completion the web application, hosted on our servers, was rolled out to a selection DGT's NHS customers. We provided training to assist DGT staff with the transition from the paper based system to the web application and dealt with any support issues originating from either DGT staff or NHS users.

The launch of the native mobile application soon followed and that allowed DGT services to quickly add wheelchairs onto the system from their warehouse facilities and allowed them to capture a photo of the wheelchair via the mobile device's in-built camera, which saved time.

The initial trial of the web application proved to be very successful and the web application has now been rolled out to all DGT customers and contains a growing database of wheelchairs.

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