Curtain Call Academy goes live

Curtain Call Academy provides quality yet affordable performing arts training to children and young adults, through which students can realise, explore and develop their talents.

Training is provided by an experienced team of professionally trained performers who have a wealth of experience working within the theatre industry.  The Academy's founders are driven by a passion for working with children and young adults in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, providing them with the creative guidance that will not only help to shape great performances, but also equip them with vital confidence and interpersonal skills.

Curtain Call Academy commissioned Enovate Design to create a brand identity and website for the new company.  In addition, Enovate Design has been charged with carrying out search engine optimisation work to ensure the new website debuts in the search engines quickly and with the highest rankings possible.

The website features the very latest coding standards, making use of the new HTML5 semantic elements such as header, footer, article, aside and figure.  The website has also been progressively enhanced with subtle use of CSS3 for rounded corners and stylised form buttons.

The website has been designed to expand to fill as much of the available screen space as possible, giving the website a bold and striking appearance, further reinforced by the large background photos.  CSS3 media queries have been employed to adjust the page layout in accordance with width of the user's browser window, an approach called responsive web design.

Why not take a look? Curtain Call Academy, performing arts training in Essex.

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