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For over 40 years, Monitor Audio have been at the forefront of hi-fi loudspeaker design, incorporating stereo, surround sound and custom install products.

For over 40 years, Monitor Audio have been at the forefront of hi-fi loudspeaker design, incorporating stereo, surround sound and custom install products. More recently Monitor Audio have launched an award winning range of streaming products.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Monitor Audio since 2008, designing, building and hosting their UK and international websites. The sites are localised and translated into 8 different languages and managed from a single content management system, so we were thrilled when they commissioned us to re-design their website for the third time.

As with all our website projects the site is fully responsive, offering an incredibly dynamic and immersive user experience for mobile, tablet and desktop users. The site is built using only the latest in web technologies and internet standards, and managed using the incredibly powerful Craft CMS.

Animation was a key part of the re-design Monitor Audio were very keen to implement. We developed a number of subtle animations to enhance the user experience throughout the site, but the main feature we added was a bespoke jQuery plugin which beautifully animates content into view as you scroll down the page.

One aspect of the site we wanted to improve with the re-design was the search facility, so we included a categorised search results page, which makes it quick and easy for visitors to find exactly the information they are looking for. We integrated the search into the site with a full-width search input bar that animates open and close along the very top of all the pages.

But of course, the most important pages on the site are the product pages. We worked very closely with Monitor Audio to achieve a result that was rich in information and immersive for the user, but at the same time wasn’t overwhelming. We built a fully bespoke product image gallery that allows visitors to toggle speaker photos between grille on and grille off versions. In a similar vein we created a responsive 360° gallery that allows the visitor to rotate the products in real-time.

As with all our projects, we also aimed to make a leap forward in terms of website performance and speed. To achieve that aim we turned to Varnish Cache, which is able to cache requests to our back-end servers and return them at blistering speed to website visitors. This has meant we’ve been able to scale back on back-end server resources whilst simultaneously boosting the website speed for visitors. The new website has an average response time (recorded by Pingdom globally) of 200ms, that’s over 300ms less than the previous incarnation. To ensure we’re serving the latest content from Varnish we created a bespoke plug-in for Craft CMS to handle the purging of entries from the Varnish cache when updates are made.

We are incredibly proud of the work we have achieved with Monitor Audio, so why not have a look and see for yourself.

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From our client:

"Enovate Design is an essential tool for us here at Monitor Audio. Dealing with them on a daily basis they provide a wealth of technical expertise, experience and skill to further develop our on-line global presence reflecting our need to have a website, which continues to mirror our brand ethos and establish us as a global leader in our market place. Our expectations are always met and often exceeded. Enovate Design's understanding and professionalism is second to none and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to others."

Marketing Manager, Monitor Audio

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