Oakdin Clinic goes live

Announcing the launch of our latest responsive website design and development project for long-standing client Oakdin Clinic, a specialist clinic based in Billericay, Essex.

Oakdin Clinic, a specialist clinic based in Billericay, Essex providing a range of surgical and non-surgical procedures, have been a loyal client of ours since 2006 and this latest version of their website is the second we’ve created for them.

As I’ve said in other go-live posts, it’s always a pleasure upgrading a site we’ve worked on in the past and I never forget what a privilege it is for us to be chosen to design and develop the site again - we must be doing something right!

We last built the Oakdin Clinic website back in 2006. A lot has changed since then, the old site was static with no content management system, it wasn’t responsive and it even used Flash in places. The new site with its brand new, modern design and built on Craft CMS feels like we’ve taken a warp-speed leap into what can be done with websites in 2017.

Enovate truly exceeded all expectations. We had a vision for our site that was relayed to the team – and it was surpassed.

Director, Oakdin Clinic

The main aim of the site is to generate enquiries related to the services Oakdin Clinic provide and we’ve achieved this by creating a striking but quick and easy to complete contact form that’s integrated into the design of each page.

We also wanted to relate each patient testimonial to its service and at the same time reduce the emphasis on who is giving the testimonial - particularly sensitive given the nature of the site.

Working with the team at Oakdin Clinic to design and build the site was a thoroughly enjoyable process - for both us and them - and I can say with confidence that the client is overjoyed with the end result.

We hope it gives the clinic years of service and they enjoy using the content management system to keep it up-to-date and well maintained. Why not head over to the site and take a look for yourself.

Read the case study

From our client:

Oakdin Clinic commissioned Enovate to develop its first website in 2006. Last year, after expanding our services as a clinic, we felt that our website needed an overhaul to accurately reflect ‘who we are’ as a healthcare provider.

It was not a difficult decision for us to return to Enovate. Our first experience with the company some ten years ago was one of the most efficient and professional services we have ever come across in any of the industries we have had a working relationship with.

This time around, Enovate truly exceeded all expectations. We had a vision for our site that was relayed to the Enovate team – and it was surpassed.

In the very first step in the development of our website, Enovate thoroughly researched what we wanted as business and the nature of the industry we exist within.

The end result is a website that could stand its own against any of the major players in the healthcare industry.

Nothing was too much for the Enovate team, who apart from evidently possessing fine creative talent, were also very patient and courteous.

They are simply a superb team, that when the time comes, we will use their service again.

Director, Oakdin Clinic

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