Lois' first week at Enovate

The Digital Marketing Apprentice shares her experience for the first week at Enovate.

I started my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship on Monday the 24th of July. Digital Marketing is something I have always been interested in as I see myself as a creative person.

I have never been able to complete any work experience previously in this particular industry unfortunately, so I had to rely on research. It is safe to say I was never nervous coming to work with the Enovate team, after meeting most of the team during the interview process, they were all nice, hard working people. Something that is important in a business and to be able to work well together in a team. The office is extremely clean and a safe environment to work and the air conditioning ensures it never overheats or is uncomfortable.

The receptionist Sandra, was the first person I met during the interview process and she is one of the nicest receptionists you could ever meet. Not only was she beaming and happy but she was so welcoming when I walked in, it is a pleasure to be working with someone like her.

Now onto the team. The people I work with in the office are Michael, Mike, Jamie, Rob and Jake. All of which have different roles and tasks they are working on, which is often the more technical side of creating and maintaining websites. I have never worked in a more relaxed environment, which is not a bad thing I can assure you, completely different to my previous job. Everyone is busy and productive but no one ever has portrayed any feelings of stress because the office environment means everything is easily accessible and is very calming as the location that we are based is very quiet.

A photo of me working at my desk at Enovate Design, a web design company based in Essex.
A photo taken of me whilst I am working at my own desk.

In just one week I feel I have gone from a young adult to an adult, I have never been so independent. Travelling to and from work and using my own initiative, which I had to do in my previous job but getting used to doing that in a different environment can be hard, but if you are passionate about something then that is something you would work for.

The tasks that I have been set are interesting for me, especially keeping up with the Social Media aspect using Hootsuite and blogging using a content management system  called Craft CMS which I found very easy to  use, even though Craft CMS is a huge piece of software that ranges from letting you add content to a website to creating the Meta Description that people would see underneath your website's title in the Google search engine results. This lets us include keywords in the Meta Description of a page, a tip for improved SEO which then leads to higher rankings.

I have also enjoyed using a new piece of software called Affinity Designer, which is a mix between Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I have enjoyed getting to know this software as it is vector-based, which means no matter how far in you zoom, the quality stays the same. As when you use Photoshop (with raster files) the quality weakens and becomes pixelated and when it comes to a professional website and creating the Open Graph Image, (This is the image you see when you share the blog post on Social Media, to add interest and fun.) It means that the quality is impeccable, which is very important on a professional website.

There are many opportunities here at Enovate to experience the different aspects of Digital Marketing, some I had no idea about prior to starting the role. This includes PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and courses that you can complete to improve your skills in Digital Marketing. Ones I have looked at so far are:

Certificate of Completion for the Google Analytics Course for Beginners.
The certificate of Completion I received for the Google Analytics Course for Beginners.

These are all useful courses to look at and at the end you can earn a certificate of completion, which can advance your skills further. The main highlight of my first week at Enovate was completing the Google Analytics Course for Beginners, but there will be a blog post about completing this course in the future, when I have also tried my luck at the Google Adwords course.

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