Jake Joins Enovate

Jake joins Enovate as a Junior Front-End Developer after having previous experience as a Web Design Apprentice.

Jake began his journey into web design when he attended Seevic College in 2012. Jake chose to study IT and found himself often taking units that were related to both design and functionality of websites. It was around that time he also found himself getting more and more involved in different art projects outside of college, which he felt can only of helped cement his desire to pursue a career in web design. Finishing college he then began an apprenticeship in web development at Safetech Ltd in Rayleigh. Here, Jake really begin to learn the fundamentals of what is needed to be a web designer.

Jake developed his skills in HTML, CSS, Wordpress, OpenCart and many more platforms. His new found skill set gave him the opportunity to branch off and venture into the world of freelancing - allowing him to not only hone in on his craft - but express himself in a creative sense as well. Following the completion of his Apprenticeship, he has joined Enovate as a Junior Web Developer. Jake is looking forward to the opportunity to once again push what he is capable of, learn new languages and develop his skill set even further.

Outside of the office, Jake usually is either playing more video games than is probably healthy for an individual, going to the gym with friends, going out with friends to gigs or just generally listening to music.

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