Jake's first week at Enovate

Our Junior Front-End Developer shares his experience of his first week at Enovate.

On the morning of the Friday 4th of August, I found myself getting on the bus to Chelmsford, ready to start my new job at Enovate. During the weeks prior to this, I had applied for the role of “Junior Front-end Developer” which I'd seen advertised on their website. I discovered Enovate’s website one day after doing some research into local web development companies that I might want to apply to in the future, feeling, as I was, that I'd learnt all I could in my current role. It just so happened that they were advertising exactly the type of position I was looking for, so I jumped at the opportunity and applied.

Luckily, I was able to land myself an initial interview with Jamie and Michael - which I felt went really well, and I was satisfied with the way I was able to convey myself. The interview itself was a great introduction to what the team here at Enovate are all about and was a really good ice-breaker.

Following this, I was invited back for a second interview - which I was extremely excited about! The second interview consisted of me giving a presentation on some of my previous projects, describing and explaining the languages and techniques I had used, the challenges I had faced and what I had learnt during the project. The pressure of standing up in front of people is something that I thrive on so the challenge got me fired up! It also helps that I am passionate about both website design and development so talking about it was hardly a chore.

Thankfully, it seemed as though I had impressed and, a few days later, I was informed that I had been successful in my application - I'd got the job! My first reaction was one of joy and that feeling of achievement you get when you land a new job - especially one that, for me, was quite a step-up - followed by overwhelming nerves and anxiety!

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Worrying, however, was not something it turned out I needed to do at all… Everyone here is extremely friendly and welcoming, everyone gets on with one another and working here hardly seems like work at all! Apologies to anyone that’s really hating their job right now, I empathise, but it is not a feeling I share anymore. My first week here has been a roller coaster of introductions, learning and challenges.

I have been introduced to some really great people. I have been sat next to Jamie and he has been really helping me get up to speed with how things work here at Enovate, and has been more than happy to answer any questions about any of the new languages and technologies I am trying to learn - he’s probably quite sick of me now to be honest! Which leads me on nicely to bring up what it is I have been learning in my first week here.

Learning new coding languages is something I have been looking to do for a while now. After having spent the previous year learning both CSS and HTML, I was looking for an opportunity to learn some more advanced languages, and improve those I am already familiar with. Enovate - as I thought it would be - looks to be the perfect place to do so! I have spent much of my first week familiarising myself with Twig, Sass and Git, with Jamie helping me out with any questions I might have (there’s been a few). Twig is a templating engine, similar to PHP, which I had been somewhat familiar with when working on Wordpress themes. Git looks to be an extremely powerful and useful tool for organisational purposes and Sass is basically CSS on some sort of anabolic steroid, which is pretty cool. Much has been learnt and absorbed this past week, and I hope there is much more to come.

I feel as though working at Enovate is going to continue to be a great experience for me and that there will be so much more to learn and achieve here. Continuing to better my knowledge as a web developer will always be a priority of mine and Enovate looks to be able to accommodate that and then some, I feel like I am going to very much like it here.

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