Plus Risk goes live

Launching a new website is always a satisfying moment for us but when it's for a new, local business it's doubly exciting.

That was exactly the situation with the website we designed and built for Plus Risk, a brand new insurance company based in Essex striving to provide 'straightforward insurance in a complex world'.

The client found and made contact with us via our own website, as many of our clients do, and from there a meeting was scheduled so that we could meet, discuss and better understand not just the proposed project but the business as well.

Following the production and completion of the project specification we began work on the website design, this involves close collaboration with the client to gain a firm understanding of how they want their business to be portrayed and what they want the site to do in terms of business goals.

Designs for the major pages in the site were created and evolved until the client was happy to approve them and then they could be passed to the developers to be used as blueprints for the next step of the project, writing the code.

As with the vast majority of our content management system (CMS) projects we used Craft CMS as the foundation of the site, mainly for its flexibility for us in terms of development but also, and just as important, for its ease-of-use for our clients who are responsible for editing and adding content following the successful launch.

Once the development site was up and running we provided secure access to it so that the client could follow our progress and supply feedback. It also meant they could test the website in any device, seeing how it adapts and responds to different screen sizes, as any modern, responsive website should.

This particular project really was a joint effort between us and the client and we're delighted with the end result and hope it serves Plus Risk and the team behind it for many years to come. Why not take a look at it yourself and if you're considering a similar project we'd love to hear from you.

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