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As an existing client, we’d already designed, built and hosted the existing Chinery Land Surveys website but it was in need of a refresh so that we could update the design and replace static HTML with Craft CMS to allow Andrew and Ross to easily update and maintain their site’s content.

When we discussed the new website's requirements, Andrew was keen for it to generate leads for the business to engage with new clients and for it to clearly show contact details and outline the range of services offered by Chinery Land Surveys - all of which are very technical and needed to be supported with text and images.

The design needed to be modern and engaging but also easy to read and navigate through and it had to be responsive so that it worked and looked great on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices too.

What we did

What we did

We worked closely with Andrew during the design and development phases to make sure he liked and understood our ideas and that his business requirements were being met.

We'd been experimenting with SVG animation whilst working on this project but hadn’t had an opportunity to use this fledgling technique and so we felt it would be great to animate the three main service panels shown on the site’s homepage and we’re really pleased with the results and what we learnt along the way.

The site delivers on the aim of generating leads for the company and was developed in a very modular way to allow us to reuse parts of the site anywhere we want to, this is particularly true with the contact form that appears on both the homepage and the contact us page. This has the benefit of reducing the amount of code we have to write and maintain and makes the site incredibly flexible.