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emBeauty approached us as their existing website wasn't generating enough leads and wasn't performing well in the search engines. There was also no content management system behind the website and its design was 'dated, static and uninspiring'.

During the discovery phase, when we do our research and find out all about a client and their business, emBeauty made it very clear to us how they envisioned their new site looking and behaving. They wanted a clean looking design that would make clients feel that they can trust the company, and would be prompted to make an enquiry or make a booking.

Another requirement for the new site was to add the ability for customers to make bookings and pay initial deposits online.

What we did

What we did

Our first contact with emBeauty came via another client's recommendation and having recently changed from a High Street premises to being a home-based beauty salon they needed a website that would work incredibly hard, promoting their brand as well as their beauty treatments and products.

Through our initial discussions with emBeauty we gained an understanding of the beauty and skincare industry, the competitive landscape they operate within and exactly what the site needed to achieve in order to be deemed a success.

We crafted a design that supported the emBeauty logo and colour scheme and in the back-end, we developed a mechanism to allow the site editors to easily add and edit treatments and products.

We also developed a means of processing deposits for some of the more expensive treatments by integrating emBeauty's existing payment gateway, JudoPay, into the site.

On top of all this, and, at the time of writing, having only been 'live' for a couple of months, the site is already appearing on the first page of Google.co.uk for several of their main keyword phrases - a fantastic result for a site that's still relatively new.