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88 out of 100.


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92 out of 100.

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Espresso Design stock some of the finest kitchen, wardrobe and appliance brands in the world, they also manufacture their own bespoke furniture lines and their installation team are responsible for many award winning projects both here in the UK and around the world.

Espresso Design contacted us with a requirement to move their website away from their existing supplier and to draw up and agree an annual support plan to ensure they had a capable team on hand to tackle any issues with the site, answer any questions and take over the ongoing development of new features for the site.

We submitted a tender for the migration and onboarding of their Craft CMS website and also an annual SLA (Service Level Agreement) to handle the support, maintenance and ongoing development of the website. After reviewing all the tenders we were proud to be awarded the business.

What we did

What we did

There are multiple stages involved in migrating a website and over the years we have become experts in handling them. The process requires us to be in close contact with the incumbent agency, client IT support and our own staff to seamlessly manage all the moving parts and avoid any nasty surprises or unwanted downtime.

We start by gathering copies of the site code, build scripts, documentation, media, configuration and database. We then setup the website within our hosting architecture, creating the development, staging and production environments.

We also request a copy of the DNS settings so that we can setup the DNS and take control of the name servers prior to the migration. On the day of the switchover we request final copies of the code, media, configuration and database which we add to the new environments on which we run final testing. We then update the DNS to seamlessly transition web traffic to the new hosting.

Once complete we monitor and review the new site to ensure everything is stable and then it's business as usual.

If you're considering a similar website migration or a new annual support agreement please get in touch to discuss your options.