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What are these?



EZ Riders are a new company based in Essex, established in 2012, entering the UK's fledgling electric bikes market, launching with three models of electric bicycle: the Giga, Mega and Milli.

The bikes are aimed at a broad range of cyclists; the Mega suiting those wanting a mountain bike with full suspension and front and back disc brakes right through to the Milli, a more relaxed Dutch style bike with a low step-through frame.

As an innovator in technology, EZ Riders needed an eCommerce site that was bold and striking to match the designs of their bikes whilst also providing a solid platform from which to market and sell their electric bikes online.

What we did

What we did

After creating a holding page earlier this year we were delighted to be able to launch the e-commerce site today with a fully responsive web design, so visitors using smartphones and tablets receive the same user experience as visitors using a traditional desktop computer.

The website, designed and hosted by Enovate, includes a content management system allowing EZ Riders staff to make updates to the site with ease. We also created a bespoke order management system allowing EZ Riders to take orders both online and offline and manage both types of orders via the website with automated email notifications keeping customers informed at all stages of the process.

We're already underway with the next phase of our engagement with EZ Riders where we're working on increasing the websites search engine rankings and managing their PPC campaigns so we're looking forward to enhancing the website and seeing how the public responds to these exciting new products.