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Fanatic Aquatic Design

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Fanatic Aquatic Design have over twenty years experience in the aquatic industry and specialise in the installation and maintenance of tropical and marine aquarium systems.

Fanatic Aquatic came across our website and got in contact with requirements for their new website idea, portraying what they want their website to look like, the functionality they want the website to contain and how they saw the website portraying themselves as a business and their values.

The client wanted an online platform to showcase their portfolio, and to advertise these services to potential customers. Due to the site having a multitude of images; mainly in the portfolio section, meant that we needed a fast, easy and modern process of adding these on to the site. This meant that it was another opportunity to use our favourite content management system, Craft CMS.

What we did

What we did

As like all our projects, this project began with the production and completion of the specification, to which we would gain an understanding of the ideas or sketches of designs the clients may have including colour schemes and fonts used for the content throughout the site.

The process started with designing the overall look of the website with the main pages that were to be built in the website. There was a close collaboration between ourselves and the client who delivered feedback and carried on revising the designs until approval was given and signed off.

The client had access to the development site throughout the project build, allowing them to watch the website being built and witnessing the transformation over time. This caused no stress as the client was able to provide feedback early on in the process to avoid the client from providing feedback that needed time near the launch date. The client was able to test the sites usability on any device, being mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop PC’s.

Once the site was adjusted to meet the clients needs, and when both parties were happy, we began the final testing and put the site live.

Both Enovate and our client are happy with the responsive website and we hope it serves them well for many years to come, and helps generate a steady flow of business enquiries and new projects.

Why not take a look at it yourself, and if you’re considering a similar project we'd love to hear from you.