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What are these?



The ioScan is a state-of-the-art digital image scanner designed for dentists. It's a compact, hand-held device that scans a patient's teeth, gums and mouth to build a highly detailed 3D image.

We were approached by the ioScan marketing team with a requirement to rapidly design, develop and launch a content managed site in just four weeks. A challenge we were happy to take on.

As the sole retailer of the ioScan device in the UK we understood the need to get the site up-and-running quickly to begin promoting the product and building an online presence for this new and unique device.

What we did

What we did

We began by engaging with ioScan's IT consultant to quickly and efficiently work through the research and discovery phase which enabled us to begin wireframing and designing within the first week.

Designs were iterated and subsequently approved in good time and we were soon rolling out a working Craft CMS development site that we could share with the client to collect and implement feedback as we worked and also add content and images to.

Various amendments to the site's design and functionality were carried out as more feedback was collected and we were able to sign-off the development site and prepare it for testing in good time.

Between completing the testing phase and launching the site we delivered a comprehensive Craft CMS training session and following that it was time to launch the finished site - all completed on time and within budget, much to the satisfaction of the client

Following the successful completion of the first phase of the site's development we're already working to define the next phase for which we have lots of exciting ideas to explore. We're really happy with the finished site and that we were able to deliver a robust product within such a tight timeframe, take a look for yourself and if you'd like to discuss a similar project don't hesitate to contact us.