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What are these?



Magni Fire Ltd provide a versatile and flexible range of modern fire detection and prevention services. From state-of-the-art fire alarm systems and fire extinguishers to gas suppression detection, Magni Fire meet any fire detection requirement with a cost effective and reliable solution.

Being a relatively new company Magni Fire, established in 2013 and without an existing website to build on, they needed a site that was slick and professional to attract the blue-chip companies they are aiming to work with, responsive so that performed well on mobile devices and would rank well in search engines.

What we did

What we did

We took inspiration from the Magni Fire logo and typography to design a modern page layout that's easy to read and navigate but also bold and memorable so that it makes a positive impression on those that visit the site.

Behind the scenes the site runs on our favourite content management system, Craft CMS, that's proved easy for the back-office team at Magni Fire to get to grips with and master in a relatively short space of time.

The News and Case Studies sections display the latest events at Magni Fire HQ and the latest entries are conveniently displayed on the homepage to entice visitors into these key areas of the site.

The site is search engine optimised with the latest development techniques including unique meta descriptions on every page and a responsive web design ensuring the site looks great and is easy to use on portable devices.