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McKenzie Arnold Security specialise in providing exceptional event security, crowd management and stewarding services to the events industry. With SIA Approved Contractor Status, McKenzie Arnold are recognised as one of the top 5% Event Security Companies in the UK.

With such a huge reputation in the event security industry, we were thrilled when McKenzie Arnold Security approached us to redesign and rebuild their existing website.

What we did

What we did

The new site is rich in content, especially the Services section, so we were keen to work closely with McKenzie Arnold to design a site that was easy to navigate and easy for users to get in touch with our client directly.

With a wide variety of content available to read and navigate through we also developed content relationships so that users interested in particular area of event security can easily jump into similar, related content from other areas of the site. The site has 3 main content types; Services, Case Studies and Testimonials and we have built  functionality enabling these 3 content types to be linked to one-and-other. For example a Testimonial can have related Services and Case Studies, likewise a Service can have related Testimonials and Case Studies.

These relationships are handled with incredible ease through Craft, a CMS we have been using for all our projects since the end of 2013. These content types are then automatically output on the site and if there is more than one Testimonial for a Service, for example, the website will cycle through them.

As with any site we design and develop, it's responsive so that people visiting the site on a notebook laptop, tablet or smartphone get a view of the site that's tailored and optimised for them - that way, new business leads can come from any source at any time.