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What are these?



Number Six is a modern, contemporary mens' and womens' fashion retailer based in the heart of Chelmsford, Essex. They are passionate about craftsmanship and fine tailoring and that's reflected in the store itself as well as the relationships they've cultivated with their clients.

Number Six approached Enovate looking to enter the world of e-commerce and wanted a site that was modern and stylish as well as being responsive and easy to use. Most important was that the site needed to integrate with their in-store POS system to ensure the physical store and website's stock levels were kept in sync.

We carried out the necessary research to select a number of suitable approaches based on their technical feasibility and cost, eventually settling on Shopify to deliver the project.

What we did

What we did

Once we'd committed to using Shopify to build the site with we set to work on setting up the site's structure based on an agreed sitemap and then helping Number Six select a suitable theme to create the site's base look-and-feel. Once the theme had been purchased and applied to the site we set aside some time to make adjustments to it to suit the client's taste.

Importing the products data into the site was achieved via the Trims API that integrates the website with the in-store POS for accurate stock management. For a large portion of the product images we visited the store and carried out two full-day photoshoots followed by post-production and resizing before passing the final images back to the client to select from and add to the site.

With the content and integrations all in place we were able to the launch the site on schedule and in budget and we're looking forward to following Number Six's forays into e-commerce and working to improve and enhance the site in the months ahead.

Take a look a the finished Number Six website and if you're considering a similar e-commerce website project, please get in touch.