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When Oakdin contacted us requesting the design and development of a new website we were only too pleased to help, particularly because it's satisfying when an existing client commissions a new site.

The existing Oakdin Clinic website was exactly ten years old, a lifetime in terms of web technology and design, and was in desperate need of an update to better represent the successful, growing business Oakdin Clinic has become.

So that we completely understood the client's requirements, we discussed what they liked and disliked about the existing site, who the site was aimed at and what the measures for success would be.

Once all the background information and research was complete we could begin our work, safe in the knowledge we knew exactly what we needed to design and build and what the client and their customers needed from the new site.

What we did

What we did

To begin, we started by defining the content elements and creating wireframes. Then, once these items have been approved, we can design a site that contains all the necessary content and presents it in a logical order. Having done our research and spoken at length with the client about their requirements the web design process went smoothly with very little back and forth or iteration.

Once the designs were approved it's over to the developers to start coding and making fully-functioning web templates and web pages within the framework of our trusted content management system - Craft CMS. With the development site built and content added it was time for the client to review our work and provide any feedback. During this phase we also make suggestions or raise any potential issues that we've noticed during the build process and these are discussed with the client until we reach a satisfactory solution.

The new Oakdin Clinic site has been live for a few days now and the staff are overjoyed with the results - it's certainly been a great team effort from everyone involved and a thoroughly enjoyable project to work on.

Oakdin Clinic commissioned Enovate to develop its first website in 2006. Last year, after expanding our services as a clinic, we felt that our website needed an overhaul to accurately reflect ‘who we are’ as a healthcare provider.

It was not a difficult decision for us to return to Enovate. Our first experience with the company some ten years ago was one of the most efficient and professional services we have ever come across in any of the industries we have had a working relationship with.

This time around, Enovate truly exceeded all expectations. We had a vision for our site that was relayed to the Enovate team – and it was surpassed.

In the very first step in the development of our website, Enovate thoroughly researched what we wanted as business and the nature of the industry we exist within.

The end result is a website that could stand its own against any of the major players in the healthcare industry.

Nothing was too much for the Enovate team, who apart from evidently possessing fine creative talent, were also very patient and courteous.

They are simply a superb team, that when the time comes, we will use their service again.

Director, Oakdin Clinic