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For more than ten years PhysioFunction have been helping people maximise their independence following life changing events such as strokes, spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury and other neurological conditions.

When PhysioFunction approached us they were unhappy with their existing website and wanted to update the design to something more modern, that better reflected their branding, and they wanted a new content management system because what they were using wasn't up to the job and made editing and maintaining the site a chore.

Additional to these major requirements was the need for a 'Find a Clinic' tool allowing users to quickly and easily find a PhysioFunction clinic near them and the site had to be tested rigorously for complete accessibility due to the wide ranging needs and abilities of the audience viewing it.

What we did

What we did

One crucial aspect of the project was making the site easily accessible for users with physical and neurological disabilities, who make up the vast majority of PhysioFunction's clients. To achieve this we spent the time navigating the website with just a keyboard to see how the experience was for users who, for various reasons, may not be able to use a mouse or trackpad like others would. This process allowed us to see flaws in the website's accessibility and work on those for the launch.

We completely redeveloped the ‘Find a Physio’ section into a new ‘Find a Clinic’ section. After discussing with PhysioFunction how a search system based on their staff was not as effective as a system based on location, they had no qualms with us building a postcode-based search feature. The new ‘Find a Clinic’ system also provides data capture opportunities for PhysioFunction, allowing them to determine which parts of the country generate the most searches.

As well as redesigning and redeveloping the Blog, Meet The Team, Clinics and Conditions We Treat sections, the site is now equipped with a fully bespoke website search facility, allowing users to find exactly the page they need at the click of a button.