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Based in Essex, PunchStrong are a new brand that offer functional training gear for mixed martial arts fighters with a unique, contemporary style and attitude.

We were approached by PunchStrong to design, build and host a new eCommerce website that would showcase the range of training gear and apparel they have on sale, whilst also providing a new home for their popular fitness related blog and profiles pages for the guys working hard behind the scenes to build the brand and expand the product range.

What we did

What we did

The website we designed and built is one of our first using the Craft CMS, a relatively new CMS but one which offers content editors a more user-friendly interface and one which grants them an unrivalled level of control of their website content.

The eCommerce functionality is provided by Snipcart, a simple and incredibly lightweight JavaScript plug-in which works on top of our existing HTML markup and is integrated into the CMS by a custom Craft CMS plug-in we developed in-house.

As with all our web projects, the site is fully responsive, offering an equally refined experience for users on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

"When you have a vision it can be difficult to turn that vision into a tangible item, or in this case a new website. At PunchStrong we are a lifestyle brand and needed an updated website to match our vision. We got in contact with Enovate Design who were quick to understand our business and branding. With Enovate's experience, they were able to propose a number of additional design ideas adding value to the look and feel of the site and making it a better experience for our customers, which is what it's all about.The team at Enovate were able to understand our vision, and with relative ease translate this into a fully functional eCommerce website with excellent design and usability. We look forward to working with the team again on future projects.

"Highly recommended."

Director, PunchStrong