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Following the merging of two companies, (Scanmar and MarketingQED), ScanmarQED was formed. ScanmarQED offer the most modern, easy-to-use business intelligence software in the fields of predictive marketing analytics, marketing data integration and sales forecasting.

ScanmarQED approached Enovate with a requirement for a modern, innovative website, that would clearly describe the marketing products and services they offer to clients around the world as well as integrating with a host of third-party systems that they relied on.

What we did

What we did

After a detailed research and discovery phase we created an initial site design based on our understanding of the client’s requirements which they provided feedback on, specifically what they liked, disliked and what they wanted to change. Following this feedback process we revised the design until we reached a version the client was happy to approve.

The development phase of the project was very much a collaboration between Enovate and ScanmarQED, with our client providing extensive feedback for the duration of the project, until both parties were happy with the final product.