Brief is the number one online estate agent actively changing the way we buy and sell our homes. Thanks to the internet and clever web design, SellMyHome are helping vendors sell their properties in a far more transparent and cost effective manner.

Being at the forefront of this dramatic change in estate agency meant SellMyHome needed a responsive website and so we embarked on a project to upgrade all of their existing website templates to enable the site to be viewed on any device.

SellMyHome, part of the MyHomeGroup, approached us with an existing site, built on the popular Ruby on Rails framework, looking for a team with the skills and experience to take over the day-to-day maintenance of the site as well as delivering a long list of additional features they wanted to develop to enhance the site in an incredibly new and competitive market.

What we did

What we did

We worked very closely with SellMyHome to take their existing website and redesign and adapt it to make it responsive. The work took a total of four weeks to complete and involved making changes to 906 files with the addition of 53,733 new lines of code and 24,901 lines of code deleted.

The site includes a wealth of features and functionality, but at the fore-front is a secure customer account management section that allows users to manage their property sales from start to finish, including listing, viewings requests and offers.

The re-launched responsive design transforms gracefully whatever device it is being viewed on from widescreen desktop monitors and tablets to smartphones and even smaller feature phones.