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Waterstone Land & New Homes

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Waterstone Land & New Homes Ltd approached us with a need for a simple, static website (no content management system required here) with a bespoke design that would present their services, past and current projects and contact details in a clean, clear and professional manner.

The site also needed to be responsive to handle the volume of traffic the new website would receive from portable devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Working in a fairly crowded industry they wanted to stand out from the competition by highlighting the high standard of construction works they'd completed in and around Essex for a variety of different clients.

What we did

What we did

Starting with our usual research and discovery process we identified the client's requirements for the project as well as gaining an understanding of how best to serve their users' needs. We also asked the client to supply all their content before beginning any design or development work and this helped to ensure the site we built presented the content in the best possible way.

The site's design took inspiration from the colour palette, typography and form of the client's logo, consisting of blues, greys and angular lines whilst also putting focus on the high quality project photography the client was able to supply.

The finished site is slick and modern and the feedback we've received from the team at Waterstone Land & New Homes has been nothing but positive.

Explore the website we designed and built for Waterstone Land & New Homes and if you're considering a similar project, let us know.