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Essex Web Developers

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From 2018 to the summer of 2022 we organised and sponsored - alongside Opworks - 20 events for the Essex Web Developers Meetup group. In that time the group grew to over 500 members and continues to meet about once a month, usually online or at venues in and around Chelmsford, to listen to talks on a variety of subjects and socialise over a few drinks.

To find out about the upcoming schedule of events head over to the Essex Web Developers Meetup page and signup to any events you're interested in and if you fancy presenting a talk of your own please contact the organisers, they'd love to hear from you.

If you want to check out previous events then head over to the Essex Web Developers YouTube channel to see what you've been missing.

Craft CMS London

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From 2019 to summer 2022 we were organisers of the London Craft CMS Meetup. During our tenure we organised a number of in-person and online events bringing together the members of the Craft CMS community to share tips and advice. Our online events during the UK’s 2020 COVID lockdown were a real highlight, attracting attendees far and wide, and the Enovate team are still regular event attendees to this day.

If you want to check-up on past events take a look at the London Craft CMS Meetup YouTube channel and subscribe.

You can find out about upcoming events via the Craft CMS London meetup page and if you have something you're desperate to share with the Craft CMS community do let the organisers know, they're always keen to hear from potential speakers.