Jake's first week at Enovate

Our Junior Front-End Developer shares his experience of his first week at Enovate.

Jake Broomfield by Jake Broomfield

Jake Joins Enovate

Jake joins Enovate as a Junior Front-End Developer after having previous experience as a Web Design Apprentice.

Lois Matthams by Lois Matthams

Lois' first week at Enovate

The Digital Marketing Apprentice shares her experience for the first week at Enovate.

Lois Matthams by Lois Matthams

Lois joins Enovate

Enovate appoints Lois, fresh out of college, as a Digital Marketing Apprentice.

Jamie Wade by Jamie Wade

Rob joins Enovate

Rob has joined Enovate as a Senior Web Developer after previously having spent 12 years in a similar role in London.

Lois Matthams by Lois Matthams