Louise Walsh

I handle a wide variety of tasks, including assisting our SEO and PPC campaigns, bookkeeping, accounts and payroll.

What I Do

I'm responsible for handling any number of business related tasks on a day-to-day basis from scheduling staff appraisals and interviews to dealing with invoices and tax returns. The remit of my role spreads far and wide and the variety ensures there's never a dull day.

Generally speaking, you won't ever need to contact me directly but rest assured I'm busy working hard behind the scenes to keep the business running smoothly ensuring that the rest of the team can get on with the important task of delivering your project.


I joined Enovate after the birth of mine and Michael's daughter and following 8 years working as a Marketing Executive for a luxury travel company based in London. I handle a wide variety of tasks for the company such as assisting with our Search Engine Optimisation and PPC Management projects, bookkeeping, accounts and payroll.

Outside of the office I'm a busy mum raising two small children which doesn't leave me much time for indulging my hobbies but I do enjoy socialising with friends and family and I'm told I know how to host a party or dinner.

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