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84 out of 100.


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67 out of 100.

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Beast are disrupting the online men's skincare marketplace by bringing curated, high quality products to a discerning male audience wanting more than the traditional high street offering.

The project brief outlined the requirements for a brand new Shopify e-commerce design and build. Our design partners, IYA Studio, were responsible for creating the new site's design whilst we were tasked with the development and build process, along with setting up version control, Shopify configurations and the eventual launch process.

What we did

What we did

Once the design phase was complete and we had all the approved artwork required it was onto the development and build process.

We start by onboarding the project and setting it up in our version control system. Then we move onto creating the new theme based on the designs and applying that to the various page templates within the Shopify site. As we work, we test and fine-tune to resolve any snags as they occur.

Once the development version of the site is in a shareable state the client is invited to review and provide feedback which we work through until the development site can be signed-off.

The last step is to complete a final round of testing - checking for mobile responsiveness, accessibility, performance, browser compatibility - and then, when all parties are happy, the new site and theme are made live for visitors to start shopping!