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AATi design, manufacture and install anti-slip stair nosings in some of the largest and most heavily used rail and underground stations throughout the UK and overseas. They also use their on-site manufacturing capabilities to design and realise bespoke stair nosings and metal fittings for commercial clients.

The existing AATi site had been built on Wordpress and many of the plugins it relied on had become unsecure, unsupported or unusable meaning the AATi marketing team couldn't updated their website with blog posts or new products.

As well as addressing these issues AATi and their parent company, FSE Group, wanted a new site to better present changes to the structure of the businesses, specifically the creation of three sub-companies: AATi Rail, AATi International and AATi Commercial.

What we did

What we did

AATi had a clear vision for the design of their new site and wanted something to match their peers in the architectural and bespoke manufacturing sectors. Together we developed a strong design using colour coding for each of the three sub-sites and a bold geometric pattern to add interest and contrast.

Behind the scenes the new site made extensive use of Craft's locale functionality, this method allowed us to share content across the three sub-sites where the client wanted to but allow them to make certain content types unique if required. This prevented any duplicate content issues that could've arisen and avoided the client needing to maintain multiple versions of the same page.

We also developed a secure client's area that allows AATi site administrators to grant access to client-only product information to assist them when procuring and using AATi products within their rail and commercial projects.

We're really proud of both the overall design and variety of custom functionality we've created for AATi and we're already working on features and enhancements for phase two. If you're in a similar industry and considering a new website we'd love to hear from you, just fill out our short contact form to tell us about your project.