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We've been working with Craft CMS since it was released in 2013, and since then we've designed, developed and deployed 82 Craft CMS projects. Ranging from small brochure style websites and e-commerce sites (using Craft Commerce) right through to behemoth size multilingual corporate sites. There's relatively few challenges we haven't already tackled with Craft and with no compromises necessary. Our commitment to Craft CMS was solidified further by being accepted into the official Craft Partner Network in mid-2018.

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Why Craft CMS?

Craft CMS is a breath of fresh air for website editors, who are no longer confined to specific template layouts for their content pages. Gone are the days where "an image must be added, it must be on the right-hand side and it must be this size".

Craft CMS provides an unrivalled level of ease-of-use, allowing website editors to create unique pages by building layouts from an array of content blocks. The content blocks that come as standard with all our Craft CMS projects include text, images, videos, quotes, maps, downloads and more. It's also very easy for us to add custom content blocks as needed.

When training clients with alternative content management systems we often had to mention that certain fields or sections of the user-interface were safe to ignore. But the nagging question in our minds was "well...why is it there then?!".

Craft CMS broke the mould as it gave us complete control, an empty box starting point, from which we can build up the fields and sections editors actually need, nothing more and nothing less.

Managing Director & Founder, Enovate

Craft CMS Plugin Development

Whilst Craft CMS has an unrivalled feature set out-of-the-box, there's always occasions when a project requires something more bespoke, and yet again this is another area that Craft CMS has got things so very right. It has a very well considered and mature interface for Craft CMS developers to build plugins that satisfy a particular project requirement, and can be so closely integrated into Craft CMS as to appear indistinguishable from Craft itself.

Craft CMS also benefits from a very active and generous community who have developed and shared many open-source Craft CMS plugins that will often satisfy the more common requirements. In our experience, community developed Craft CMS plugins are generally more robust and well-executed than those found in other ecosystems.

Our Craft CMS Story

Craft CMS arrived onto the scene in March 2013 as an initial public beta and was officially released in the summer of that year. It was a few months later, in November 2013, that it first appeared on our radar and after taking it for a test drive we were quick to spot the potential of this content management newcomer.

In January 2014 we launched our very first Craft CMS website, and from that day on it's been our go to content management system. Fast forward to 2018 and our commitment to Craft CMS was solidified further by becoming an official Craft Service Partner.

Migrating to Craft CMS?

The vast majority of our website projects involve migrating clients from an existing CMS to Craft. We're experienced with migrating existing content either via a manual process or automated migrations, depending on which is most cost-effective.