Bodhi Jeffreys

Bodhi Jeffreys

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Bodhi Jeffreys is a consciousness teacher in California, USA, who provides awakening coaching, conscious business mentoring, events and writes and records songs for the Music of Awakening Project.

Bodhi commissioned Enovate after performing a lot of background research into web design agencies. He was aware that his existing site was not representing him in the way he wanted it to and needed to find a company that could deliver a website that matched his high expectations and would be pleasant to work with. His existing site was static and not content managed, making updating the site difficult and time consuming. These were crucial issues we had to address in the redesign of this website.

As well as making the site content managed with Craft CMS, something that was missing in his existing site, we also had to design the new site to create an "exciting, peaceful and safe" environment for his users showing that Bodhi has depth, is grounded, has mastery, and that they want to spend time with him.

What we did

What we did

All of our web design projects are content managed and fully responsive as standard, so during the wireframing and design phases we spent less time addressing how to meet these requirements and more time on achieving Bodhi's creative and technical ambitions for his new website.

A first for an Enovate Craft CMS build, this website features the Solspace Calendar plugin. The plugin is incredibly powerful and provides Bodhi with a sustainable platform to promote his events. The plugin is also fantastic for us because it puts us in complete control of the front-end event templates, ensuring the grid systems and branding used throughout the site are also used for the events pages.

We integrated a number of third-party services into Bodhi's Craft installation, such as YouTube, audioBoom and BandCamp, giving him an incredible amount of flexibility and control over his website content in all its forms.

Another first for an Enovate web design, we've integrated the Dukt Google Analytics plugin for Craft CMS. This provides Bodhi with fully customisable Analytics widgets that he can manage right from within the Craft CMS dashboard.

The website is hosted on the latest iteration of our cloud hosting infrastructure at Amazon Web Services (AWS). The website benefits from Varnish caching, which delivers very low server response times, averaging ~250ms worldwide. For increased download speed we’re also serving the site using PHP 7 and Amazon’s CloudFront CDN (content delivery network). Last but not least we're using Let’s Encrypt to provide a free SSL certificate.

"I am so pleased with the work done by the Enovate Design team in designing, creating and hosting my new website.

"First, the end product is just flat out excellent: well-designed, easy to navigate, functional. Second, the Craft CMS they use is by far the easiest end-user interface I've experienced while also being able to do everything I need.

"The Enovate Design team is highly skilled in designing and coding in Craft, and this has freed me to be able to easily and quickly effect changes and enhancements to my site.

"The site loads lightning fast and with Enovate Design hosting my site on Amazon servers, I don't have to worry about down time or server issues.

"Finally, the Enovate Design team itself is extraordinary. They are not only highly skilled, technically competent and creative, but they are just flat out good human beings. They went out of their way to assist me at every turn. I was treated like I was their most important client and this was no act. They're just really like this. I love these guys. I highly recommend Enovate Design!"

Consciousness Teacher, Bodhi Jeffreys