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Graphic Design Essex

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The brief for the Graphic Design Essex project was a little different to usual because it's an internal project rather than one for an external client but that doesn't make it too different, we can be just as demanding and expect the same high standards.

The existing Graphic Design Essex site had done a marvellous job for us over its eight years of service, performing particularity well in the search engines where it held the number one position in Google for a long, long time.

However, in other areas it was seriously lacking: the design was looking quite out-of-date and in need of a refresh, the site wasn't responsive so it didn't adjust to screen size of the device it was being viewed on and it didn't have any content management behind it so editing and adding new content was a chore.

What we did

What we did

Starting from scratch, we completely redesigned and redeveloped the entire site. A new design was created by our internal design team which involved sharing designs for the major pages in the site amongst the team for them to provide feedback on and add their own creative input to.

Once the designs were polished and approved they were given to the development team so that they could begin the process of writing the code to integrate the design into a Craft CMS installation - Craft being our favourite content management system (CMS) to work with.

As the developers made progress with their work we were able to begin adding content to the site in the form of descriptions of the various graphic design services we offer as well as a portfolio of our work for which we used a professional product photography lighting and camera setup so that we could take high-quality images of our graphic design work.

We're really happy with the completed site and are looking forward to growing the portfolio of work in terms of new projects and projects we've already completed but didn't include for the initial launch so feel free to take a look yourself and if you're considering a similar project don't hesitate to contact us.