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My Home Live Essex Community (MHLEC) is part of the wider national My Home Life movement; established in 2006 to improve the quality of life of everyone connected with care homes for older people. My Home Life has now become the recognised voice for the sector, promoting best practice through appreciative support and transformative action.

We were approached by the MHLEC with a vision to create a modern redesign of their existing two websites, combining them into an all-in-one ‘supersite’. In particular, they were keen to address the ever increasing number of mobile web viewers, by creating a fully responsive site for all mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

What we did

What we did

The website we designed and host is built upon the the immensely powerful Craft CMS. In the design and build phase we also introduced some new tools into our workflow, those being a new Gulp task runner for our build script, BrowserSync for faster front-end development and Vagrant for quicker development environment set-up.

One of the main pain points MHLEC wanted to address with the new site was the lack of flexibility and sometimes ease-of-use with the existing Wordpress content management system. Making the move to Craft CMS has allowed us to provide MHLEC with a website they have more control over and can update quicker and with greater ease.

We have created a variety of bespoke custom features for the MHLEC website, the first being a fully automatic table of contents, which can be toggled on and off for each page. This allows the user to navigate to a particular point of the page with ease, whilst also providing an at-a-glance overview of the content on the page.

Finally, we have also built fully bespoke listing pages for the three main sections of the site. The ‘content tiles’ we used have been built from the ground up, and are fully customisable by the client through Craft. They are also fully responsive, with the layout thanks to Masonry.js.

"When we invited companies to bid for the development of our new website, Enovate not only demonstrated technical capability but also provided a detailed plan of how they would tackle the project. In addition Enovate demonstrated an excellent understanding of our business by inviting us to define our objectives and the issues that we wished our website to resolve, and subsequently providing us with the confidence that their solution would meet both our business and website needs.

"This was proved during the development when there was tremendous cooperation between the technical team and ourselves, constant liaison over functional and design issues, and an enthusiasm to provide the best, optimal solution for our needs.

"This continued during implementation when improvements and last minute changes requested by ourselves were made right up to the launch date.

"We have no hesitation in recommending Enovate as a highly professional team who aim first to understand the client requirements and then match those needs in the best possible solution."

Vice-Chairman, My Home Life Essex Community