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Moneyboat were recently recognised as Responsible Lender of the Year and use the most advanced and innovative technology to offer customer-centric consumer lending. Moneyboat are a direct lender, which means they have control over the whole lending process to make sure it works for their customers.

Moneyboat invited us to submit a proposal for the opportunity to take on the Craft CMS development responsibilities for their brand new website. They had already completed a website design process with their incumbent design agency, Somebody Digital, and had a team of in-house developers taking responsibility for the site's widgets and API so all we would be delivering were the Craft CMS aspects.

After submitting a detailed proposal for the Craft CMS development work we were delighted to be awarded the project and set about delivering the work to the high standards expected and collaborating with the wider team spread across different companies and time zones.

What we did

What we did

With the website designs already in place it was our responsibility to take the approved artwork and transform it into working, responsive web pages within Craft CMS. Each individual template was built and tested thoroughly to ensure they matched the artwork as closely as possible, with only a handful of adjustments needed to achieve the best possible user experience for visitors to the site.

The site is responsive so that it functions reliably and looks great on any device and we're particularly pleased with the animation and transitions we were able to apply throughout the site to really bring the pages to life and give it that "wow" factor.

Along with the design work we also carried out a content migration process to import content from the old site to the new and work closely with the client to ensure this process was completed to their satisfaction, especially important given the nature of the services provided and the strict FCA regulations they are governed by when it comes to content.

Ahead of the final launch we worked closely with Moneyboat's in-house developers to assist with the deployment of code from our environments to their staging and production environments to make sure everything went seamlessly and continued to work even as changes to the codebase continued to be made.

The finished website was completed inline with the clients deadline and budget and we're looking forward to seeing how it's received by their customers and how it evolves and develops in future.

Thank you for your support, assistance and cooperation in developing and helping to launch the new website in such a timely manner. I would like to commend your phenomenal team on their extreme efficiency, due diligence and willingness to support and assist. It is much appreciated and is a true testimony to your company. We greatly look forward to establishing a continuous relationship with you in the future and thank you once again for all your hard work and dedication.

Project Manager,