Jamie Wade

I turn your designs into a working website. My job is to build a finished product that is clean, responsive, tested and robust for years to come.

What I Do

I work closely with the team during the scoping and wireframing stages of the project, ensuring the project starts in the best possible light, deadlines are meet-able and project budgets are in line with the estimated work load.

During the development stages of the project, I work closely with Mike to build the final product, ensuring my work is clean, responsive, tested and robust for years to come. My day involves coding with HTML5, HTML Twig, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and Sass.


I have been building websites since the tender age of 10 after getting my hands on my first computer. Years of teaching myself the basics of HTML and CSS resulted in completing a 2 year apprenticeship in 2012 with full distinctions, where I was involved with the lead development and design of client websites.

Outside of work I pursue my other passions for outdoors and photography, travelling around with my camera in hand. I often combine my interests for photography and music by photographing bands at local music venues.

Recent writings

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Enovate appoints Lois, fresh out of college, as a Digital Marketing Apprentice.

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The ioScan is a state-of-the-art digital image scanner designed for dentists. It's a compact, hand-held device that scans a patient's teeth, gums and mouth to build a highly detailed 3D image.