Seb Jones

What I Do

As a PHP Developer I work closely with Matt to learn how to build larger websites and applications that are maintainable, fast and scalable. I am already familiar with PHP and have some experience in WordPress plugin and theme development, and will be looking to apply what I have learned from that to Laravel and Craft CMS.


For me, programming started as a teenager, making little flash games and publishing them on the internet. This interest led me to do Computing at A-Level, and I also studied Computer Science at the University of Kent for a year.

I began working in Web Development in a freelance capacity, building websites for clients from a number of different fields, including actors and digital marketing firms.

My interests outside of Web Development include gaming and classical philosophy.

Recent writings

Vim: Demystifying the Beast

While being very powerful, Vim is notorious for it's steep learning curve and perceived user-unfriendliness. This article will attempt to clarify Vim's peculiarities and demonstrate it's efficiency.