Little Acorns To Mighty Oaks

Little Acorns To Mighty Oaks

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82 out of 100.

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Little Acorns to Mighty Oaks is an E-commerce store that sells non-toxic products for the whole family.

Little Acorns found our website and made contact with ourselves through this, as many of our clients do. The discussion began with requirements to gain a better understanding of the project, with what the client is hoping to achieve when redesigning the site.

The client had a working website, but felt it was time for an updated and responsive site to increase traffic, conversions and purchases/transactions made on the site, a goal that any E-commerce site would want to target. Although the site had basic functionality, this was to be improved, with an easier checkout system for customers and an emailing system with clear communication of each transaction steps, from purchase to delivery.

What we did

What we did

When the project specification was ready, it was then time to turn our attentions to working on the design of the website. The process involves iteration back and forth between ourselves and the client. We are then able to gain a firm understanding of how they want the website to portray them as a business and how they aspire to achieve their goals by redesigning their outdated website.

The major pages in the site were created and developed, this was following feedback for the designs at each of the development stage until the client felt ready to approve them. After the client approved all the designs, the process moved forward to the developers who began writing the code to bring the designs to life.

Due to being an E-commerce build, the client wanted to be majorly involved with responsibilities throughout the development process. They were responsible for adding the photographs and content for each product. The content was added in a content management system called Craft CMS, one we use for the vast majority of our projects. Just like our other clients, Little Acorns had a training session directed by Jamie, on navigating around Craft and a step by step process on how to add the content. Craft CMS allows both us and the client to have different responsibilities depending on how involved the client chooses to be throughout the site.

After the launch date, both ourselves and the client were delighted to see the end results of not only the design and functionality, but also the increasing number in transactions already being made on the site in the first few hours.

The website generated 1 months revenue on launch day!