Search Engine Optimisation

If your website is performing poorly in the search engines then you're losing traffic and customers to your competitors. We provide a transparent search engine optimisation (SEO) service that delivers the online visibility you deserve without the shroud of mystery sometimes associated with SEO.

Our approach starts with a thorough audit of your website to identify the areas where improvements can most quickly and easily be made. We scrutinise all areas that influence your site's ranking and review them on an on-going basis. This includes on-site factors such as HTML mark-up, copy, internal links and keyword density right through to off-site factors such as inbound links and social media shares.

Once any short-term changes have been implemented we look at how we can make long-term improvements such as your content strategy, audience engagement, competitor analysis and insights from your analytics data.

We would also recommend taking up a free 3 month trial of our Enovate Analytics system so that you can monitor change as often as you want, via an online dashboard, as well as receiving a monthly report by email. This allows you to see exactly where your investment is going and the SEO improvements it generates.