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We've been working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a number a years now for all our hosting requirements and in that time we've invested thousands of hours building and configuring our hosting setup to ensure we get the best performance for our client's sites.

We have one fully accredited AWS solutions architect on the team and others studying for the same qualification so with all the knowledge and experience we felt our AWS skills and experience deserved to be marketed as a stand alone service for clients looking to leverage the many benefits of AWS but without the skills in-house and so we decided to setup Opworks.

As a web design and development company we knew this new venture needed a website and so we scoped, designed and built the Opworks website you're reading about now!

What we did

What we did

The new Opworks website is built on the latest version of the Gatsby framework, allowing us to build out a solid foundation relatively quickly but giving us scope to add to and evolve the site as the business grows.

We're particularly proud of the site's design and the use of some unique SVG animations to help it stand out in a fairly busy and competitive industry sector.

In time, we plan to add more content to the site and we've got video some interviews in the pipeline to help demonstrate just how much AWS knowledge we have within the business.

We're really looking forward to developing this new venture of ours and hope that with hard work and our ongoing dedication and passion for hosting technologies it will prove to be a great success.