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Why Hosting Matters

Let's face it, hosting isn't the most glamorous aspect of website design and development.

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Michael achieves AWS Certification

Michael has successfully passed the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Level exam.

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Serverless with AWS Lambda

Serverless offers a new and exciting approach to developing web applications and APIs, with huge cost saving potential.

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Free SSL Certificates

It's not often that the world of SSL Certificates produces some exciting news but 2016 has started off with a double whammy!

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AWS or Amazon Web Services is the cloud computing platform launched as a subsidiary of in 2006. The service offers on-demand cloud computing of almost limitless scale and is an integral part of our own web hosting infrastructure, where we rely on many of the 70+ services AWS provides. AWS operates from 16 geographic regions and distributed services such as the CloudFront Content Delivery Network operate from an impressive 70+ edge locations. AWS competes with other cloud computing platforms including Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.