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Revised Picture Element

A quick look at the latest proposal for responsive images, a revised version of the <picture> element taking inspiration from the src-n syntax.

Michael Walsh by Michael Walsh

Responsive Image Container

A Responsive Image Container is a new image file format idea for solving the responsive images problem.

Michael Walsh by Michael Walsh

Progressive Scan Responsive Images

Current solutions to responsive images require web designers to create multiple versions of images to suit different device viewport sizes and pixel densities, but could there be a better way?

Michael Walsh by Michael Walsh

"Responsive web design" was a term first coined by Ethan Marcotte in May 2010. It's now a well established approach, which allows us to create a website that responds with a design best suited to the device being used to access the website. This approach allows us to adapt a website's design to suit the smaller screens and orientations of smartphones and tablet devices, to deliver a user experience of the same quality as your desktop site.