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My first experiences with Affinity Designer

New software packages are released all the time and often fall by the wayside so it's a real treat when something new comes along which completely changes the way you work.

Dan Walsh by Dan Walsh

Lois' first week at Enovate

The Digital Marketing Apprentice shares her experience for the first week at Enovate.

Lois Matthams by Lois Matthams

Patterns Day 2017

Any web design agency that lives on the front-line of internet technology needs to take in a conference every so often so when we heard about Clearleft's Patterns Day we booked tickets in an instant.

Dan Walsh by Dan Walsh

Website longevity

Some longer-established businesses are website redesign veterans, having commissioned several website redesign projects, hopping from one web design agency to the next as they go.

Michael Walsh by Michael Walsh

Demystifying web design terminology

Brush up on your web design acronyms, abbreviations and jargon so you can impress your web designer with your web design lingo.

Michael Walsh by Michael Walsh