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The Power of Sass

Sass is a powerful CSS pre-processor language. Here we look at what Sass can do and why you should be using it.

BEM Syntax for CSS

Why we've adopted the BEM syntax for our CSS classes and the advantages it brings to our web design work.

Michael Walsh by Michael Walsh

Element Queries, Please

Media queries are an essential tool for responsive web design, but they fall short in some situations.

Michael Walsh by Michael Walsh

Override browser default styles

Eric Meyer has kindly published some reset CSS styles, with the aim of overriding the browsers in-built default style sheet.

Michael Walsh by Michael Walsh

FooterStickAlt broken in IE7

The FooterStickAlt technique is a CSS layout solution that makes it possible to position a footer at the very bottom of the browser window on short pages and also after the content on longer pages.

Michael Walsh by Michael Walsh

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a markup language, in this case that markup language is HTML, the markup language of the World Wide Web. First proposed in 1994, CSS is one of the triad of cornerstone technologies for the web design, the others being JavaScript and HTML. It is used to describe presentational attributes such as layout, colour, fonts and even the adaption of that presentation in response to the viewing device (commonly known as responsive web design).