Peek-a-boo bug in IE6

Squashing an annoying bug in Internet Explorer 6.

I've just been pulling my hair out over an annoying IE6 bug which I'm pleased to say has now been resolved and identified as a new guise of the Peek-a-boo bug.

I've noticed the bug quite a few times, it rears its ugly head when I've floated some items which I then want to clear but in IE6 the vertical gap between the floated elements and the clearing element seems to jump when I rollover a form button or link.

In the past I've largely solved this bug by using a br tag. But on this occassion I particularly wanted to avoid having to add extra mark-up so the solution was, as suggested in the article above, to set a width for the container element. In this instance that wasn't a problem as the site design in question was of the fixed width variety. But I can imagine on other fluid layouts this bug could cause some real annoyances.

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