FooterStickAlt broken in IE7

The FooterStickAlt technique is a CSS layout solution that makes it possible to position a footer at the very bottom of the browser window on short pages and also after the content on longer pages.

It was my intention to replace the JavaScript technique that achieves the same effect on the Enovate Design website with the FooterStickAlt technique instead. The reason being so that the graphic at the bottom of the page doesn't appear to jump when the JavaScript onload event fires on shorter pages.

But alas it wasn't meant to be as in IE7 the footer would appear at the bottom of the browser window perfectly for short pages but for longer pages the footer would sit about 10 pixels proud of the bottom of the page. Yes, I only realised this after spending over an hour implementing the technique! For some websites I can imagine that this is probably not a major problem, looking at the examples on the link above the footer doesn't look unsightly. But on the Enovate Design website it really was noticeable.

I tried decreasing the negative margin used to bring the footer into view and that worked but meant vertical scrolling was now happening in Firefox, IE5.5 and IE6. I then decided to cut my losses and roll the site back to the previous JavaScript version which works fine across all browsers.

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