Google AdWords Quality Score

Google has launched a new feature for AdWords users today called Quality Score, this is a feature that is disabled by default and needs to be enabled for each campaign.

This is achieve on the keywords tab of a particular AdGroup by clicking on the "customising columns" link or using the existing drop-down menu to select "Show Quality Score". The Quality Score comes in three flavours of "Great", "OK" and "Poor".

AdGroups that have an OK or Great quality score are performing effectively and with lower costs (and a lower minimum bid) than AdGroups with a Poor Quality Score. To boost an AdGroups Quality Score Google recommends "optimising their associated ad text and landing pages".

In the post on the Inside AdWords blog Google also goes on to mention that the Quality Score is a factor in the ranking of ads. Therefore having an optimised landing page and ad text can increase your AdWords rankings.

We also consider quality when we rank ads, higher quality ads benefit from higher placement on the page and a lower cost-per-click on average. So, high quality ads are not only more relevant for your potential customers, but can also help you improve your ROI by lowering your advertising costs.

Front-end Developer, Enovate Design